Art Gallery Tour is a pioneer initiative in Madrid that aims to bring contemporary art to the general public through guided tours to the Art Galleries most representative of our city situated in magnificent spaces in the three most historic district of Madrid: Salesas, Letters and Salamanca. You will discover a wide variety of media used all the while learning about new and different ways to perceive and appreciate contemporary art.


Our tours last around two hours and take place in the neighborhood of your choice. You will have the opportunity to see between five and seven art galleries, accompanied by an expert in contemporary art who will provide rich insights into the artists mind and interesting information on the art works exposed. 


You can make your choice below.


We provide our tours in english and spanish. Please specify in your booking form, the language of your preference. 



Every day from Monday to Saturday.

Minimum: 2 people

Morning at 12 h / Afternoon at 18 h (except saturday afternoon).


Bookings with 2 days in advance.


The galleries are closed during Easter, August and Christmas time! Sorry for the inconvenience!



                        Tours in Madrid

                                           INITIATION TOUR   30€


If you are interested in art and want to know the needed concepts to appreciate the contemporary art, join this tour and start to enjoy it! We have selected a set of galleries with differents formats and speeches to give you a complete view of the current art scene:


- We´ll show you how galleries work.

- We will explain the art work of the represented artists.

- You will learn the concepts expressed through the art work.

- You´ll learn the different techniques and formats used.

- You´ll know how to answer the question: "but is this art??"


Everyday from Tuesday to Saturday at 12h and 18 p.m. (except saturday evenings)


                                                                                                    Mail us to iniciacion@artgallerytour.es or book here!

                                            SALAMANCA DISTRICT TOUR   25€



Find out why the Salamanca district has the reputation of being one of the most outstanding artistic districts of Madrid. 


From Cubist collages to the most current video art, galleries of this neighborhood opt for a wide range of media representation of both collective and individual format. Most are located in magnificent apartments characteristic of this neighborhood so stately. Discover everything that offer you Parra & Romero, Fernando Pradilla, Michel Soskine, Alvaro Alcazar, District 4 and many more!.


Book here  /  Give Art


                                             SALESAS DISTRICT TOUR   25€



The Salesians neighborhood is recognized for follow artistically icon trends. There are many galleries offering a wide selection of both contemporary and emerging work. Juana de Aizpuru, Max Estrella, Casado Santapau, Freijo Fine Art, Heinrich Ehrhardt, Elba Benitez, Travesía 4 are just some of them. In each run, we will select the best exhibitions that offer this month.


Book here  /  Give Art

                                             LETRAS DISTRICT TOUR   25€



Known for its intense literary activity in the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries, This neighbourhood is the quintessential cultural district of Madrid with pedestrian streets and charming squares. Most galleries are spacious and modern and join the artistic experience with the space. See Helga de Alvear, Maisterravalbuena, Nogueras Blanchard, Minimum Space, Eva Ruiz, Camara Oscura, and many others that will

make your visit a very special experience.


Book here  /  Give Art


                                             WINE & ART TOUR   28€



You can choose to end your visit with a drink in one iconic bar to discuss the exhibitions visited and continue to learn about art. 



Book here  /  Give Art





                                             PRIVATE TOURS   28€


If you want a tour tailored to your artistic interests, or you are in a shooping mood, ask here, we do both.

                                             VISITS TO ARCO ART FAIR   


Madrid as the capital of Spain and hosts one of the most important international art fair: ARCO. We want you to enjoy this event and learn everything they can offer. We organize guided tours to the art fair and explain the most current and relevant galleries and art works. Whether you come alone or in a group, you can sign up for the tours we organize.

In our tours :

- We will explain the concept of the show along with its various programs.
- We will explain what you need to know to enjoy contemporary art
- You will be guided by the best galleries represented.
- We will teach emerging artists with more international projection.
- We will show the works of national and international established artists.

                                                                                                      Please, write us to info@artgallerytour.es and we will inform you. 



                         Come to Madrid

We recommend interesting deals if you come to Madrid and stay in hotels that include our travels in the room rate.


More information here.

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