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GENERAL INFORMATION: We do guided tours to contemporary art galleries in London. Our tours last around two hours and take place in the neighborhood of your choice. You will have the opportunity to visit between five and seven art galleries, accompanied by an expert in contemporary art who will provide rich insights into the artists mind and interesting information on the art works exposed. Minimum 2 people. Bookings 3 days in advance. Every thursday and saturday. English, italian or spanish spoken. 




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Is the new fashionable area of London along with the Soho and Covent Garden. Urban art, gastro-pubs, cafes, boutiques, curry houses, art galleries and even a dozen markets. Discover what´s new in galleries such as Waterside Contemporary, Parasol Unit, Victoria Miro, Beers or Arcade... In our walking tour of the neighborhood you can also find works of street artist Banksy.



Every Thursday at 4.30 p.m





A must in London is Oxford Street, Regent Park, Piccadilly Circus ... In our tour of Central London, we visit the most interesting galleries located in this area. Find out the new jobs at White Cube, Marian Goodman, Sadie Coles, Pilar Corrias, Blain Southern, Berloni among others... A walk to admire art, and in addition you will discover a new face of one of the most emblematic districts of London.


Every Saturday at 12 p.m. 








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The do not offer tours during Easter, August and Christmas time! Sorry for the inconvenience!

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Art Gallery Tour is an initiative that brings people closer to the world of contemporary art through guided tours of the most representative Art Galleries in Madrid and London situated in magnificent spaces. These routes are curated and directed by an expert in contemporary art and changed every two months depending on the program of the galleries.  You will discover a wide variety of media used all the while learning about new and different ways to perceive and appreciate contemporary art. Learn more about us.




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